Welcome to the world of Lorem! This is a site for any type of roleplayer from beginner to advanced. You can be any type of animal as long as it is allowed here. This site is mainly for canine, feline, mythical, and extinct role play lovers. Although we do allow many other animals as well :3 oh yeah remember that guests can't have full assess to the site features such as posting or creating topics in certain area's and they cannot post in the chat box. Well if you are a member then what are you waiting for? Hurry and log in so we can have fun! <3
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A portal has open to a new planet ruled by animals canine, feline, Prey animals, even the extinct dragons on Earth are plentiful here, some mythological animals and those extinct live on this new planet much like Earth but even more untamed....
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 Buy Another Aura!

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Chaos Master

Chaos Master

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PostSubject: Buy Another Aura!   Sat Jun 01, 2013 10:04 am

Buy your Aura here! =D 12 Prints each.

Detecter~ With this aura you can tell what other's auras are.

Inspiration~ You can inspire others to do positive things.

Wisdom~  This aura causes the holder to be very wise and knowledgeable about life, healing, and leading. (FREE to Elders and Leaders!!)

Corruption~ Can corrupt others to do negative things.

Birdsong~ Your voice is beautiful and tells the stories of great moments in history. You can also stun others with your voice.

Combat~ You are quicker on your paws and deal a bit more damage.

Light~ You have a bright light that circles around you, bringing others that come in contact with you good luck and happiness.

Dark~ You have a dark light that circles around you, bringing others that come in contact with you bad luck and sadness.

Farmer~ You are very knowledgeable about the land and the herbs.

Hunter~ You are very knowledgeable about hunting, whether in a pack or alone, and you can almost always catch your prey.

Creatures~ You can speak to other creatures of the land.

Believer~ You can make almost anyone believe your lies.

Tranquility~ You just being near others can keep them calm.

0 Kaleidoscope~ You see others emotions in colours that surround the body of the wolf. It is a faint outline, and cannot be detected from far away. However anyone with the aura Believer can fool you into thinking what they are feeling.

0 Surefooted~ You are more agile than most wolves and can dodge and avoid objects.

0 Berserker~ You do more damage in battle, but if you get hit the wound is deeper and takes more affect on you. This is a controlled Aura, the character can 'turn' it on and off during battle. Although, once you 'turn' it on during battle, you cannot 'turn' it off unless you are out of combat.

Lover~You are naturally loved by most, causing others to easily fall in love with you and you are hardly ever alone.

Fear~ You are naturally feared by most. Just your presence makes others feel uneasy and a bit terrified.

Sloth~ You seem to be very lazy and hold a lower place in the packs, not many wolves would ask you to do anything because they know you probably won't do it anyways.

Grim~ You are able to sense when others are sick or dying. You can also sense when someone you know dies.

Panic~You can sense when others are coming near you, no matter what state of mind you are in.
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Blue Mist

Blue Mist

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PostSubject: Re: Buy Another Aura!   Thu Aug 29, 2013 8:42 pm

buying berserker for Makatza

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PostSubject: Re: Buy Another Aura!   Tue Dec 24, 2013 11:07 pm

alright subtracted mist :3
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PostSubject: Re: Buy Another Aura!   

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Buy Another Aura!
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